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The Cushingberry Platform

  • Building Bridges of Unity instead of Walls of Hate!
  • Literacy! In order to succeed, you must learn how to read! 
  • Common Sense Auto Insurance Rates
  • Workforce Development
  • Clean up the Environment and Great Lakes
  • Balance State Budget
  • Justice for Flint Water Poisoning Victims
  • Repairing The Damage To Detroit Public Schools by State Appointed Emergency Managers
  • Combating Authoritative Brutality with Training and Resources

George Cushingberry Jr.

I am running for State Senate because I am an true equal opportunity,  jobs, and justice candidate.   I am a man of the people  that is honest and determined to serve my community for the love of people and not for profit.

 George Cushingberry Jr is a master at balancing Government Budgets

George has a documented history of making things financially right for State and Local Governments

Why George Cushingberry Jr.

35 Years of Experience

· Elected in 1975, Mr. Cushingberry became the youngest person to serve in the Michigan State House, where he served until 1982

· In 2006, Mr. Cushingberry was appointed as the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee until 2010

· Re-elected in 2006 with 97% of votes for City Council District 2

· In 2013, Cushingberry was elected by over 50% of District 2 residents for City Council

· Elected in 2014 as Council President Pro-Tempore of the Detroit City Council and, appointed Chairman of the Budget, Finance and Audit standing committee

· Has balanced the City’s budget for 4 years improving the bond rating,  credit score, and exiting State Control of City finances

· Increased reading scores over 50% by reading to the children in Detroit Public Schools and promoting literacy



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